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It’s been two years since my last post and so now it’s time for the obligatory “I’ve neglected my website and blog for so long but it’s time for a new lick of paint and an empty promise to blog more often” blog post. Is this that post? Maybe, but hopefully not.

Why spend time redesigning your website when you could just start blogging and see if that sticks first?

Good question inner devils advocate! It’s true, I could start blogging straight away, but I find that chipping away at a new look is the first step in resolving the meaning for my renewed activity. There’s something to be said for just starting something, and that by starting something, the true meaning for your action will reveal itself to you…

I find this to be one of life’s golden rules. It’s not a “build it and they will come” philosophy, but rather, a “build it and I might actually inspire myself and create some momentum to keep going” sort of philosophy.

Okay, so what was wrong with the old site then? Surely this is just a covert mission in masking your procrastination…

Touché inner critic, you know me too well! You mean apart from looking like a pair of broken old shoes? Well, the main reason was that the site was not responsive. I checked the stats and of the 330 people that had visited my website in twelve months, nearly 5% were on mobile and tablets.

Clearly, my site design was not waterproofed from the future, especially when 100% of all mobile traffic was bouncing. This mix of truth and sarcasm is coming off a little confusing (even for me) but the point was, in order to build a great band website I was going to need Eddy Van Halen a new responsive theme.

Right. And this redesign, how long is that going to take?

Hopefully not too long. The basics of the theme is in place, I just need to reformat the images, tweak a few of the portfolio projects (aka finish writing them) and put up a new home page. Give it a week, maybe two… [in the end it was eight months later – Ed]

Well this has been fun. Let’s do it again some time.

That’s the plan. Thanks for the chat.