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  1. Simon Harris

    Hi Kain,
    My name is Simon Harris and have been a great fan of FotoMerchant and its predecessor. I hadn’t had the chance to use the new build until recently and was so happy with the new build until the last couple of days.
    I have been a huge supporter of you guys. I have posted testimonials and also encourage forum users in the US to give you guys a go as I earnestly feel you have a really good thing.

    Not the least of which is the outstanding support we get from Steve Saunders. He is worth his weight in gold!

    Here’s the sad bit. I made an assumption that my clients could download their digital files in the same way as they have done before…. that is, with no watermark! I didnt even consider that was a fact worth checking. It seemed like a given.

    I have just uploaded a new gallery of about 1400 images that were selling well until my clients started emailing me to say they had watermarks on their downloads.

    The shoot cost me about a thousand dollars to do but it has been a disaster really. Now I have to individually email each person and find their original images along with an apology.

    I have been involved in software development years ago and totally understand the frustration, drawn out time lines and endless feature add-ons. Its a pain in the butt big time.

    Steve suggested I remove the watermark from the gallery but of course this leaves it open to whole scale image theft.

    I have soo loved the new build, but It isn’t usable to me unless I can protect my images as I could in the previous version.

    I cant use it which is a massive disappointment as in every other way it is the bees knees. You guys have nailed it.

    The new build gave me the impetus to go ahead with big events, the first of which I did a week ago. I also have a marathon , where EVERYONE buys a photo and several more.

    I don’t believe I have failed to understand the software, it seems I just cant give my clients what they want!

    I dont know much about your corporate structure and hope I havnt written to the wrong person. I believe you are the senior engineer.



    • Kain

      Hey Simon,

      Thanks for contacting me and sharing your experience with PhotoMerchant and Fotomerchant. I wonder if something has been miscommunicated to you because from what I can gather from your post, what you are attempting to do is to sell digital products without your Watermark. If that’s the case, you can definitely sell digital files without a watermark. All you need to do is either edit the existing Digital Product that you’re using and set the “Watermark (optional)” menu item to blank, or if the product is currently locked because it’s already in an order, you can create a new Digital Product and remove the old one from your Catalogs. It won’t solve your current orders but it will fix them moving forward.

      Let me know how you go.


      • simon Harris

        Hi Kain,

        It goes without saying that you have my apologies! I had been in contact with Steve and got caught up in an ambiguous conversation.

        Quote: “If you’re selling Digital Download products through your site and you apply a watermark to your digital products then that watermark will be applied to the final digital file that your customer downloads”.

        Steve has clarified this in his usual efficient and timely manner.

        Still love the product enormously and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

        Again Kain, apologies.


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