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Two years ago I purchased a large black backpack from Crumpler in Newtown. It was a bit of a snap decision made with only a couple of hours research, a spontaneous sprint up to the shop before closing time and then swiftly packed for a big trip to the states the next day. And I haven’t looked back – that back pack is my work horse, my mule, my everyday bag, my over night back and the keeper of my laptop, equipment and cables.

This is my third Crumpler bag and my other two are still in tip-top condition and are used on special occasions. They’ve never ever fallen apart, they’re strong, durable and look great. I’m impressed with the quality of their clips and zips, and the craftsmanship is second to none. My only criticism is that there are some superflous straps that may be useful in some situations, but i’d rather have the ability to remove them than have them flap around unused.

If I could afford them, I’d make all my luggage Crumpler.