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I don’t think i’ve ever been this excited about a camera before. Sure, it’s been out for over six months but i’ve only just learned of it and it has pushed (almost) all of my impulse-buy buttons. Luckily I’ve been quasi researching it for some time, but my desire has grown infinitely stronger with my impending one month trip to the US being just around the corner (read: this saturday). In an earlier Camera Choices blog post I summarise why my existing cameras aren’t working for me, and thanks to the great reviews posted here, here and here I was able to narrow my option to the Fujifilm X100. Sorry X10, you lose.

From everything that i’ve read and seen, it’s not without its faults: quirky interface, inconsistent Auto Focus, sluggish write times and the face that it’s a fixed lense. Some of these claims have been debunked here and others (i’m hoping) will be updated by firmware down the track. The fixed lens is actually what’s turning me on about the whole damn thing – super sexy photo maker that comes in an very cool retro casing.

Not only am I about to own a totes-awesome camera, but I paid an incredible price for it – $995 instead of the usual $1200 retail. Fingers crossed the order will arrive in the next 24-48 hours as promised – i’ll let you know how it all goes with the vendor, Cameras Direct.

Thanks to my awesomely wonderful wife for allowing me my expensive hobbies. This’ll be my birthday and christmas gift for the next few years, honest!

By Digital Rev

By That Nikon Guy

And this excellent Digital Rev pastiche which doubles as a really good review. Particularly the Hands On Field test the did below:


I’ll be sure to post my first images and a review of my own in the coming weeks. Woo-hoo!

Image used without permission (sorry, but I have sent you a message asking) from Oh Gizmo