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Gaming is my big escape. I love an epic single player action adventure like Uncharted or Mass Effect. Unfortunately I’ve beaten both of those games and while I’m waiting for ME3 to come out my options are limited. So tonight I downloaded three demos from the PSN, Outland (which looks pretty promising as a strategy platformer), Twisted Metal beta (which looked awesome but it’s convoluted controls and brilliant AI made the experience far less than fun) and lastly, some big new EA adventure called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The game reviewed pretty well even though it looked pretty ordinary. Full of flaws and with some pretty ropey draw distances and lip syncing, the games is pretty standard fantasy fare excepts that the combat works pretty well and makes you feel pretty powerful even though you’re just starting out. The first level is a fun but long tutorial – the only thing you want to skip is the tiresome conversations with cardboard cutout characters. When the game starts truly a d you set off on your adventure the game opens up pretty quickly and the quirks begin to feel like rough charms.

That is until the game froze, killed my saved progress and the only way out was a hard reset – just like crappy games of old. For a demo it passed the time nicely but I don’t think it’ll make my short list.