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I’m very excited to have the first edition of my lomographic book “From the Hip” in my hot little hands. I love my lomo kompakt automat LC-A; it’s as addictive as it is expensive, and for the first time you can now buy it online from blurb.

For many years the camera has been an extension of my everyday life, rolling off snaps whenever I remember that the camera is in my bag or if something unique catches my eye. I’ve been a Lomographer since 2002 when I bought my first LC-A package from the Australian Lomo Embassy on Oxford Street. Since then I’ve bought a Holga, another LC-A off a friend and the Loreo 3D Lens (shooting 3D film is

You can now purchase prints, canvases and digital files from my photography website

From the Hip” is my first compilation of Lomos compiled into book form. There’s something amazing about holding your own published work. Maybe it’s the feel of the sexy matte paper stock, maybe its hard cover and paper sleeve or maybe it’s the admiration you feel as it sits atop your coffee table. Having a printed book lends an air of credibility and a sense of achievement that you just don’t get by hosting pictures online.


* You can purchase the “From the Hip” coffee table book as a Soft Cover for US$24.95 and the Hard Cover for US$35.95. All proceeds go towards the purchase of more film and processing. Please help keep this addiction alive.

Special Note: owning a supersampler or pop9 does not a lomographer make.