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In two weeks I will be heading back to the USA for trade shows, meetings and networking. This trip is going to be different because I’ll be traveling with my wife for the first two weeks. And I can’t wait to see America through her eyes.

My wife (Lea) hasn’t been overseas since our honeymoon in 2006 and this will be her first US trip to a non-asian country. For her, the excitement is palpable and for me it’s an opportunity to look at America from another perspective. lea is the kind of person who gets caught up in TV drama and says things like “oh no!” when something bad happens. Everything is a kind of pantomime to her and I love the purity and innocence her perspective brings.

If we are going to move to the states I’m going to need her insight and wisdom on how we can start a new life over there. Sure, it might only be temporary but it’s a big move for two adults and kids below four.

It’s going to be great. For better or for worse.