I’m Kain. Lean Marketer, Growth Hacker, Entrepreneur, UX Designer, Videographer, Podcaster and self anointed Digital Media Douchebag. I live for making interactive things that matter.


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I just paid for The Grid, an Artificial Intelligence website builder that doesn’t exist yet

I’ve either just purchased a slice of Internet history or have been suckered into a genius, highly persuasive marketing campaign. Within a matter of minutes I had clicked on a display ad, watched a quick introductory video, reviewed the single page website and payed $96 for the promise of an organic, self creating website based on some kind of design artificial intelligence. While I might normally be riddled with sinking feeling that only comes with post-purchase buyers remorse, instead, I’m optimistic and excited to see what they come up with. So what did I do? I’ve signed up for new dynamic website builder The Grid. The Grid promises to do something different. It pledges to take any image, video, copy and links that you throw at it, and The Grid will automagically transform itself into beautiful website that dynamically reacts to the content you feed it. Well, that’s my interpretation on their hyperbole. Making a website shouldn’t be difficult, but for most people (myself included) the process is often time consuming, fraught with the potential for technical disaster and the results usually do not meet up with our intended vision. I’ve been looking for a super-easy to use website building tool or service for as long as the Internet has become popular and I must have tried them all; Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, Ghost, Unbounce and even the slew of new easy-as-pie theme templates for WordPress such as Div and Theme X. And if we want to go back further I could mention Dreamweaver, FrontPage and PageMill. My dream of making it easy for anyone to be able to own... read more

When your website looks like a pair of old shoes

It’s been two years since my last post and so now it’s time for the obligatory “I’ve neglected my website and blog for so long but it’s time for a new lick of paint and an empty promise to blog more often” blog post. Is this that post? Maybe, but hopefully not. Why spend time redesigning your website when you could just start blogging and see if that sticks first? Good question inner devils advocate! It’s true, I could start blogging straight away, but I find that chipping away at a new look is the first step in resolving the meaning for my renewed activity. There’s something to be said for just starting something, and that by starting something, the true meaning for your action will reveal itself to you… I find this to be one of life’s golden rules. It’s not a “build it and they will come” philosophy, but rather, a “build it and I might actually inspire myself and create some momentum to keep going” sort of philosophy. Okay, so what was wrong with the old site then? Surely this is just a covert mission in masking your procrastination… Touché inner critic, you know me too well! You mean apart from looking like a pair of broken old shoes? Well, the main reason was that the site was not responsive. I checked the stats and of the 330 people that had visited my website in twelve months, nearly 5% were on mobile and tablets. Clearly, my site design was not waterproofed from the future, especially when 100% of all mobile traffic was bouncing. This mix of... read more

First pictures from my FujiFilm X100

These are some of the first shots i’ve taken with my new FujiFilm X100. Some have been slightly tweaked, but I gotta say, i’m falling head over heels in love with this camera. She is a beauty, if a little quirky (just the way I like ’em).... read more

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Meeco is a Life Management Platform designed to make it easier to manage the data and information in your life, giving you the tools to capture, own and share your data on your terms. Meeco is forging new territory in the emerging Me Economy.

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Co-founder, Creative and Marketing Director

Fotomerchant is an all-in-one e-commerce and digital marketing platform designed for professional photographers. Hosting, sales, social sharing, blogging, automated digital and print order fulfillment provide working photographers with an efficient & streamlined workflow that gets orders to their customer fast.

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Fame Face

Product Manager, The App Village

Love your celebs? Tap the tiles to reveal a famous face and see if you can guess who it is.

Guess your way through multiple stages chocked-full of world famous figures, from A-star actors and pop stars to superstar socialites.

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Meeco Blog

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The Awesome Photography Blog

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Jetsam Digitale

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Privacy Pirates

Privacy Pirates

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Wind and Wood

Wind and Wood

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