About me

That awkward bit where I talk about myself in the third person

I’m Kain, and i’m a digital all-rounder. If you bumped into me and asked me what I did, I would use terms like growth hacker, marketing director, UX/UI designer and creative director and most of the time I would have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, because I don’t take to labels too well. I’ve also operated under various other guises including project manager, designer, videographer and podcaster but they don’t have half as much SEO cut through.

I thrive when working in startup-like environments, taking ideas from concept to completion. For me, the most important aspects of any client project is getting qualified results, which means I float somewhere between the principles of Lean Marketing and the improvised versatility of Vic Mackie. Essentially, I like making interactive things that matter.

I am one of the founders of Fotomerchant, a successful web publishing, marketing and e-commerce SaaS tool for professional and emerging photographers. I’m also a founder of Everybody Internet, a digital consultancy offering user experience strategy, lean marketing and application development for SMEs, corporations, agencies and startups, as well as being an online resource offering practical tools, reviews and advice on building for the internet. I occasionally lecture for the good folks at General Assembly Sydney and like to stay engaged in the local startup scene.

Over the years I have worked for many well established and emerging brands including Audi, Foxtel, Telstra, Channel 4, BBC, Optus, Lego, Commonwealthbank and Sydney Festival, plus many others who’s brands have lived their life like a candle in the wind.

At the moment I am working as the Director of Growth and Experience for Meeco, an amazing new concept in digital privacy that is due for launch in the middle of 2014. And when i’m not working or playing father and husband, I’m collaborating on a couple of side podcasting, video and interactive projects (stay tuned).

I’m always up for a beer of coffee if you’re offering…




  • Attitude 92%
  • Good Intentions 90%
  • Douchebaggery 35%
  • Actual skills 95%

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